What is the difference between eICIC vs eIMTA?

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What is the difference between eICIC vs eIMTA?

eICIC : in interference management and mitigation, Co-channel scenarios, there are some features to alleviate the interference issue and also to support larger bias toward small cells R10.In particular, eICIC is enabled by 2 techniques: the almost blank subframces (ABS) and resource-restricted measurement. ABS reduces the interference from the macro to pico UEs. however the macro interference can not be completed eliminated in ABS. it is for second technique.

eIMTA: Further enhancements to LTE TDD for DL-UL interference management and traffic adaptation. It is dynamic and flexible resource configuration for TDD in consideration of traffic load.
At the moment all the eNB’s associated with a network has to transmit the same UL/DL pattern throughout out the system. With eIMTA, each eNodeB can decide the UL/DL pattern itself depending on the load.

eicic : (inter cell interference co-ordination)
->which is used to reduce interference created by two or more cells.
Case 1: ue is boundary of cell and neighbouring cell act as intereference , in this scell
Signal less and snr low because of interference.
Case2: ue is femto/pico cell
but macro cells around those cells can act as interference. In this case scell may not
Weak but snr is low due to interference.
Case3:Ue is closes to csg ccell but cell is not member is csg group, here scell is getting
More signal compared to csg cell. Its might be problematic.
eicic solutions:
→ time domain component → ABS, MBSFN, Symbol shift
->frequency domain component ->RB allocations.
→ power control ->based on henb adjust power to avoid interference to other
Eicic is dedicated channel procss. It means specific configuraions information need to be
Exchange between ue &network via signalling messages for specific ue.
Q: how ue has to inform network whether eicic support or not.
->depends on F.G.I ( feature group indicator) in ue capability information.

If network confirms then it will give information
→ subframe patterens
->csi measurements subframe set.