What is the cost of 1 GB of Mobile Data Cost in each country?

With billions of people around the world using mobile phones every day, one question arise:

What Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost in Every Country?

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See answer from Visual Capitalist:


Source: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/cost-of-mobile-data-worldwide/

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You have to take that graphic with a grain of salt. The intent may be good - but the content is false.

I operate a mobile network in Malawi and we certainly do not charge $27 per GB. The actual selling price is more like $0.40 per GB.

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I agree. But maybe it was not false the date of report:

Published 2 years ago on July 3, 2020

Anyone knows where can we find an updated report on this?

:slight_smile: it was also false on the day it was released 2 years ago

You are most welcome to check the actual pricing out: http://my.access.mw

Some insights from picture:

  • Equatorial Guinea has astronomical prices;

  • New Zealand coming in beside Syria at about 20th most expensive country in the World;

  • Why does NZ, with a similar population density as Finland have prices 3x as high?

  • India has one of the cheapest data rates globally.

Source: How much does 1GB of data cost across the world?

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Well, I already responded on LI to that post.

Let me repeat the same message here: It took 5 minutes to determinate that this data is incorrect by magnitudes. Any kind of conclusions or stories deduced from this kind of “data” is a complete waste of time.

Updated version for 2022:

The cost of 1GB of mobile data in 233 countries – UK ranks 59th in the world for cost of mobile data

:white_check_mark: 5,292 mobile data plans in 233 countries were gathered and analysed by Cable.co.uk to compare the cost of one gigabyte (1GB) of mobile data across the entire world

:white_check_mark: The UK comes in at 59th in the world, with 1GB of mobile data costing an average of USD 0.79

:white_check_mark: Israel is the cheapest country in which to buy mobile data, with the averagcost of 1GB at USD 0.04

:white_check_mark: The United States is one of the most expensive developed nations for purchasing mobile data, coming in 202nd in the world, with an average 1GB cost of USD 5.62

:white_check_mark: Saint Helena is the most expensive place in which to buy mobile data. The average cost of 1GB there is USD 41.06 – more than a thousand times more expensive than 1GB in chart-topper Israel

:white_check_mark: Five of the ten most expensive countries to buy mobile data are in sub-Saharan Africa. Island nations in Oceania and the Caribbean also tend to be among the
most expensive in the world

:white_check_mark: You can download the full data set, plus further insights, a detailed research methodology description, interactive tools and an interactive map via this study’s landing page

Source: https://www.cable.co.uk/mobiles/worldwide-data-pricing/2022/press_release_global_mobile_data_pricing_study_2022.pdf

Worldwide mobile data pricing: The cost of 1GB of mobile data in 237 countries

Measured June to September 2023

A global league table of mobile data costs. The average cost of one gigabyte (1GB) was calculated from over 5,600 mobile data plans worldwide.

US pays top dollar for mobile data, but UK gets a fair deal