What is the cable cat5 use and which is better cat5 or cat5e?

Hi any one can tell me for what is the cable cat 5 using and. what are the best cat5 or cat5e.

cat5, cat6, cat5e are some of cable “categories”

the cat5 is a cable that can handle up to 100mbps in a 100meters range without suffering from external interference

and if the cable is cat5 the manufacturer tested the batch assuring that

the cat5e is a better one … “enhanced”

that could in theory handle up to 1gbps

but cat6 is actually less expensive and better than cat5e

Cat5 is designed for 100BASE-TX or 1000BASE-T

I can connected it to routers


what’s the desired range and troughput?

or WiFi …

(cable size I mean, not wifi coverage range)

Is note using to covered WiFi

ok, but what’s the wanted troughput?

For office I don’t think anything could be better than cat6 because even if your WAN is below the 1gbps, your internal network (file sharing and stuff) would be greatly improved

130mbps …

in my home I don’t even use cable anymore since the Linksys Velop mesh Network

so, cat6 is your way to go

5 metres … to home

cat5 and cat5e can deliver 100mbps top

if you need more than 100mbps you will need the cat because of the maximum frequency