What is the best Data Analytics tool?

Hi All,
Which is best: Altrix, Power Bi or Tableau? Any other?
To learn and upgrade to the best suited for industry.
Any suggestions?

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Zeppelin is the best

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it depends. if you are allowed to install sw on your machine (it´s a fact many of us using laptops provided by companies with serious politics can not…) if that´s the case I will go to Excel. Excel dynamics power query very similar to power BI and many new options to work with.
of course PBI is better…

and if you are open source-able to work then Zeppelin or any db combination is a great place as well

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Are these open source SW ?

I understand Zeppelin is, and in case of power query is part of a cheap office365 subscription (in case you want to try)


R, Python with different packages such as numpy, pandas, visualization using matplotlib, altair, plotly, seaborn datapane etc.

Apache Spark, SAS, SPSS are also good options

Nice article showing top Data Analytics Tools & Software for 2021, also with some tips to decide which one is best for each use.