What is the 5G latency for pattern DDDSUUDDDD?

Hi Experts.

What is the 5G latency for pattern DDDSUUDDDD for real UE?

For pattern DDDSUUDDDD, is it allowed to send the HARQ for DL slot2 at distance 11 where next S slot comes?

Will that be ideal case?
Does it add delay?

Assume UL slots isn’t used for uci HARQ and only S slot is used for uci harq.

Is it ideal case to send harq of DL slot2 to be on distance 11 slots after?

Distance 11 from slot 2 is next S slot.

Yes, but then I see Throughput goes down.

Sometimes down (lower than expected) and sometimes Ok.

May be depends how many UCIs bits can be reported in that slot based on PUCCH format, size etc.

Do you see DL BLER ?

I see high CRC bad. DTX on PUCCH CSI.

Not that much BLER.

CRC bad is different problem and all reported UCIs will be nacked.

DTX looks PDCCH not properly decoded by UE or not received.

But why if I don’t configure harq feedback for slot2 to be send on distance 11 then no issue?

If I do that then I see DL slot2 isn’t getting scheduled because on UL slot no uci harq mutiplexed with pusch.

And sometimes it works fine and sometimes not.

When not then I see DL throughput is fluctuating.

Do you see pucch in S slot with k1 11? May be k1 selection is Dynamic in other cases ?