What is SMTC window in LTE?

Hi Experts,
What is SMTC window in LTE?
Is it periodicity and offset for ssb beams?
I configured ssb duration 10sf but still UE failed to measure 5g ssb.

Make ssb periodicity 20msec.
ssb duration is 4 symbols
of one ssb, for ssb burst it depends coudl be 4 ssb, 8 ssb or 64 ssb.

What about ssb duration I kept 4 sf?
Can I go for 5 sf is it valid for fr1?
What is the way to keep LTE and NR synchronized?

Are you asking about DSS?

If so, you can read more about SSB here:


What value of offset used to configured at LTE end for NR meas object?

I don’t have too much knowledge on 5G but in high user 5G DSS I don’t think is good.
On low 5g user it will be fine.

What is reason of introducing offset between LTE and NR frames?
Hw can we classify which LTE and NR frame config required offset or not?