What is Self Healing network?

It is the optical network that can restore the traffic after failure within short period.

  • Why we use it?

    • Because it improve the performance and Network reliability
  • What’s the protection types included with self healing network ?

    • Linear MSP
    • Ring MSP
    • SNCP
  • What’s the types of linear MSP protection ?

    • 1+1
    • 1:1
  • What’s difference between them?

    • 1+1 is dual feed and selective receive
    • 1:1 is single feed and single receive
  • What’s the switching Time in MSP?

    • Less than 50 milli second
  • Can we use the protection path to send extra traffic?

    • We can use it to send extra ( low priority data ) only in case of 1:1

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