What is S-Measure in LTE?

Hi All,
Anyone having ideas about s-measure in LTE?
Used for intra cell or inter as well?

Used in neighbours measurement.

It is used to start any measurement.
If s-measure is kept very low, let’s say -140 dBm, then UE will not measure any intra or inter nbr cell.

Is one of the IE in the rrcConnectionReconfiguration (atleast R8 onwards).

Serving cell RSRP threshold controlling whether or not the UE is required to perform measurements of intra-frequency, inter-frequency and inter-RAT neighbouring cells.

Both intra and inter Freq ** for connected mode.

If s-measure = 0 then does it mean -140?

Nope, it means always measure.
Unnecessarily wasting battery life of UE.
Generally operators configure it -80.

Ok then s-measure = 10 means -130, is it correct?

Too low. It should be around -60.
Otherwise HO won’t happen below site.

Why would you want handover below site?

Inter sector intra freq.

What value do you go for sintrasearch?

Actually it indicates threshold after which UE measure intra Freq.
But someone told me it’s used for inter Freq as well.
I mean if s-measure = -60 and if my serving cell at -58, then UE will not measure any target cells whether it’s intra or inter.

sintrasearch = -66

So then you can set it accordingly to match the same.
We set it 44 (-80) and hence match it in connected mode as well.

Yes, this is correct.

What is sintrasearch in this case?

sintrasearch value 44 (- 80dbm)
(-124 + 44)

Ok, both same, is correct.
But it will delay reselection.

sintrasearch 62 generally we keep, so idle mode reselection start for intra Freq early.

Different operators follows different strategies.