What is RedCap UE?

Hello Experts,

What’s the meaning of RedCap UE?

Reduce UE capability.
In case ue report overheating, gnb can reduce mimo layers of data or deactive some SCC cells in CA mode.

Hi @Silf , @Hainm, it stands for Rel-17 Redcap (or Reduced capability)

We have today have clearly defined devices for IoT (NB-IoT, LTE-M) (for example applications that require less than 2 Mbps and Small Bandwidth). And we also have devices that are clearly suitable for 5G (NR) applications - High Data Rates and Large Bandwidth.

But what about those applications that do not apply to any of these cases?

That’s where RedCap enters. Formerly known as NR-Lite / NR-Light, RedCap UE fit those needs (range).


Motivation (Use cases)

  • Wearables
  • Industrial wireless sensors
  • Video surveillance
  • Target data rate 2~150Mbps to accommodate above use cases

Reduced device capabilities

  • Bandwidth reduction
  • Reducing the max number of MIMO layers
  • Relaxation of the max downlink modulation order
  • Half-duplex (HD) operations in FDD(only FR1)

Total cost reduction

  • FR1 FDD ~67%, TDD ~61%@2Rx, ~72%@1Rx
  • FR2 ~53%

Source: SG RAN Presentation - 3GPP Summit at CEATEC Japan 2021 - 3GPP Summit at CEATEC Japan 2021


By reducing devices Bandwidth, reducing the maximum number of MIMO layers, and also relaxing the maximum downlink modulation order the overall costs are reduced. As we can also see here: What is reduced capability (RedCap) NR? - Ericsson

Rel-17 RedCap targets the requirement space between eMBB, mMTC and URLLC:

Source: Toward 5G Advanced: overview of 3GPP releases 17 & 18 - Ericsson

In a Nutshell:

  • RedCap is 3GPP’s track into low cost (still high-performance) non-smartphone NR devices.
  • Even lower costs and even lower energy consuption.
  • Long-term: infinite battery lifetime.