What is PWE3 and how it works?

  • PWE3 : Pesudo wire edge to edge emulation.

  • it’s a logical transmission line.

  • can be created Inside MpLS tunnel to transport traffic from point to point.

  • physical transmission line can be fiber cable or wireless channel for microwave.

  • We can divide the physical transmission line in to multiple tunnels, each tunnel should have unique ID to avoid traffic Interference.

  • This ID called MpLS label.

  • Each tunnel can be also virtually divided into multiple Pesudo wires, each PW assigned unique label too

  • Pesudo wire can be used to transport TDM traffic inside packet switch network (IP).

  • This is done in case of we modernized part of the network from legacy TDM ( PDH / SDH ) in to IP.

  • We can allow coexisting between TDM network and IP network by using TDM over packet transport.

  • PWE3 is the main logical transport line that can carry the E1 frames / STM 1 frames fro example inside the packet switching network.

  • This is what called : circuit emulation.

  • We have 2 types of circuit emulation:

1- SAToP

  • This is how we can perform cost efficiency and network resources utilization.

  • So we can allow coexisting between CS network and PS network.

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