What is Private LTE and Private 5G?

Hello dears,
Does anyone have a simple definiton of Private LTE and Private 5G?

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Check out this link:

Long time ago, I wrote a note about LTE private network:



This figure shows what a private 4G/5G network look like, a high-level architecture with the most important components delivered in different flavours.

  1. The Radio Access Network (RAN) consists of antennas, radio heads and base stations which typically are deployed on premise.

  2. The Core network can be delivered in three ways:
    A. Vanilla MNO style with termination of User Plane (UP), Control Plane (CP) and O&M traffic in an MNO cloud.
    B. Distributed core where the UP is terminated on premise while the CP (signaling, AAA, mobility) and O&M are handled by the MNO cloud. This is also referred to as split architecture.
    C. Local core with UP, CP (and maybe O&M) on premise.

B and C allow for traffic to be broken out locally to for example an on-prem IoT platform or a MEC from companies like Nutanix, AWS, Microsoft or Cisco.

  1. IP networks. Mobile Backhaul (MBH) is the trusted and SLA/QoS-based link between the RAN and the MNO mobile core.

  2. The MNO public network is not required but often part of the setup for the core parts, the O&M infrastructure or to facilitate roaming between private/public networks.