What is parameter to limit number of SSB beam?

Hi Experts.
What is parameter to limit number of SSB beam?
Vendor is Huawei.

Parameter Name is coveragescenario under NRDUCELLTRPBEAM and maximum number of beam depend to subframe ratio.
If subframe ratio is 8:2, 8 beam are supported, if subframe ratio is 4:1 or 7:3, 7 beam can be supported.

Why not 8 SSB beams in 7:3?

What is the setting for 6 SSB beam?

In 7:3/4:1 ,if you look at frame structure is 2.5ms period like D(2SSBs)D(2SSB)D(2SSB)S(1SSB)U and each slot which 0.5ms.
In 8:2,if you look at frame structure is 5ms(DDDDDDDSUU).First 4 Slot carry 2 SSBs each.

4:1 is 2.5ms, but 7:3 is 5ms. In 7:3, 7 DL slots are able to carry 8 ssb blocks.

We have 2 NW with 8:2, one 8 ssb beam another with 6 beams only.
I want to know how to limit 6 ssb beams?

What are the setting of these 2 sites (different network)?
I mean Coverage Scenario like NRDUCELLTRPBEAM (Huawei vendor) which also depend as well.

Same, both are default.
Default beam scenario H105V6 for both.

Your both Networks are both C band?

Yes both C band SCS 30 kHz.

As far as my knowledge, C band having 8 SSBs and Below 3Ghz having 4 SSBs and mmWave having 64 SSBs.

Yes this is the max as per spec.

Hi C band mean FR1 or < 3 GHz?

Both are n78 in sub-6.

I mean exact definition of C band anyone having Idea?


Very interesting, thanksQ
But with default value how can it be 6 SSB only, any idea?
Which is pattern 0

Default scenario is typical for 3sector suitable for public squares.
In Huawei if you want to fix number of beam to 6.
First change coverage scenario to customized beam scenario.
Then add beam from 0 to 5 with different azimuth and tilt through command Add NRDUCELLTRPcustbeam.

What’s frequency band for both?