What is Open Virtual RAN (O-V-RAN)?

## What is Open Virtual RAN (O-V-RAN)? ##

In simple words, the Convergence of oran and vran is called an “Open Virtual RAN”. (ref the image below)

Due to the challenges and risks occurred in having an evolutionary journey towards ORAN, it is necessary to find the right blend of evolution.

So telecom #service providers in the early days are combining Open and Virtual RAN and it’s safe to say that the industry has “mixed” and wants to have a safe & stepwise evolutionary journey toward an ORAN and vRAN-powered 5g future.

Such a mixer will help to address some of the key #challenges and risks -

  1. Technical complexity (for example - disaggregated lower-layer radio functions are difficult to #virtualize)
  2. Lack of Interoperability and performance.
  3. End – to - End security challenges
  4. Lack of Technology Maturity (especially in multi-vendor environments)
  5. Endless Cost & Efforts

Result => With such #deployment, we are tackling around 80% uncertainty which was supposed to occur with the non-mature deployment of ORAN.

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