What is Offset, Hysteresis and Time to trigger for Handover Optimizations?

My observations…

  • Offset: this parameter is for serving cell should be better than neighbour cells before going to send measurement report, ensure that serving cell power should be good than neighbours.

  • Hysteresis: this is for Neighboring cell should be better than serving. Before going to send measurement report, ensure that Neighbouring power should be high/good than serving.

  • Timetotrigger (TTT): this parameter is used for to avoid pingpong handover when measuring the power levels.

Three parameters used for handover optimization to avoid pingpong Handovers and used for Handover A3 event.


My understanding is that Offset and Hysteresis are the same.

Neighbor cell RSRP should be offset higher than serving cell RSRP to trigger A3-based handover.

If time to trigger (TTT) is implemented then A3 handover is triggered only if the above (offset) condition is met for a duration <= TTT.

This understanding is based on reading some papers. I, however, haven’t seen Time-to-trigger mentioned in the 5G standards. Can someone point out a 3GPP standard that talks about TTT?