What is O1 Interface in Open RAN?

The O1 Interface is a logical connection between all “ O-RAN Managed Elements (MEs)” and the “management entities” within the SMO framework. The purpose of O1 interface is to ensure the operation and management e.g. FCAPS, software Management, file management of the O-RAN components .

In other words we can elaborate, the O1 interface enables the management of all O-RAN components that need to be orchestrated and the associated O-RAN network functions. The components managed via O1 include the near-RT RIC, the O-CU, the O-DU in 5G NR. The O-CU corresponds to a predefined combination of O-CU-CP and O-CU-UP .

Figure below shows an extracted logical O-RAN architecture to illustrate the O1 interface and its influence on O-RAN Manage Elements, including the O-eNodeB . The O-RU termination of the O1 interface towards the SMO is currently under investigation so this interface is shown dashed.

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