What is NOC in Telecom?

What is NOC in Telecom?
And what is the difference between BSC Maintenance and NOC?

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NOC is Network Operations Center… where you monitor alarms on the BTS, OSS Fiber and so on.

Base Station Controller (BSC) is in control of and supervises a number of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS).
The BSC is responsible for the allocation of radio resources to a mobile call and for the handovers that are made between base stations under his control. Maintenace of BSC is the process of preserving the state of equipments at the Bsc from all forms of alarm ranging from minor, major and critical alarms that can bring the the BSC down.
The maintenance can be done on the site or remotely from the network Monitoring Center depending on the Category of the Alarm.
But NOC is one or more locations from which network can be monitored and controlled.
All network management is exercised over a computer and with telecommunication Tools and Apps.

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Thank You for sharing the info…
So basically all BSC alarms can be viewed on NOC…
Apart from this, what are the operations can be done at BSC?
Only faulty cards are replaced or any specific issues the BSC maintenance person will do?

Replacement of the faulty cards are the major maintenace on BSC.

And also clearing of alarms, mostly Transmission or Power related issues.
Faulty fiber’s on sites also leads to alarms.
It’s very important that a BSC Engineer to have knowledge of Transmission.


NOC: Stand for “Network Operation Centre”

The primary role is to Monitor the Networks 24/7.

Example for Monitoring Team Includes:

Radio Access Network (RAN) Team: BTS, NodeB, LTE, BSC, RNC, Etc.,

Core Team: Circuit Core: MSS, MGW; Packet Core: USN, CG, PCRF, Etc.,

Value Added Service (VAS) Team: SMSC, MMSC, Voicemail, RBT, Etc.,

Intelligent Network (IN) Team: Billing Engine, Charging Gateway, Etc.,

The simple term, Centralize place to Monitor the entire Network by 24/7.

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