What is Multi-Operator MEC (MOM) Initiative?

Hi Experts,

Anyone has more information about Multi-Operator MEC (MOM)?
Is it another hype for all Operators, like Open RAN?

There is a GSMA webinar, to show how it was explored how operators can create a competent universal Edge Cloud service to develop, deploy and manage edge applications seamlessly over a global footprint provided by a federation of Operator platforms and more.

The project is not new. Some years ago GSMA started two initiatives to create a technical and commercial blueprint for Telco’s to address the enterprise market including private networks, Edge, Network slicing, etc. The two projects that were the backbone of this imitative were the Operator network group and the Telco cloud initiative.

Today they have more than 40 Telco’s and 20 vendors working together on this.

The main purpose is to create a global federated/interconnected edge network that can seamlessly integrate carriers edges globally via a standardized east bound interfaces and also use a north/south bound APIs to integrate to applications providers and users.