What is MCPC (Mobility Control Poor Coverage)?

Hello Experts,
Does anyone know what is MCPC (Mobility Control poor coverage) feature & how it works in Ericsson LTE?

In simple terms in is the LTE Handover feature.
If serving cell coverage becomes poor, and neighbor cell coverage is poor, then it will trigger A2 and handover to the cell.

MCPC is a very good feature for LTE also for VOLTE.
This feature has a search zone along the edge of cell, when you activate this feature, UE will measurement search for alternate frequency and cells.
When you will activate this feature, a1thresholdrsrpprim and a2 will disable.
Only a1a2search parameter will work and along with a5threshold1 and a5threshold.
This will also help you to improve in measurement gap if you tune the parameters correctly.
Three parameter segment we have here: 1. search threshold, 2. critical threshold and 3. Ue measurement active parameter, all should be set correctly.
A search zone in a cell is a zone in the cell following the cell edge, where UEs approaching poor coverage in the serving cell start to search for alternative frequencies where the UE can be transferred, The search zone can be split into an inner and an outer search zone. In the inner search zone the UE only searches for frequencies with high priority.

Tuning between source and target parameters is very important.
Otherwise you IFHO attempt will increase then it will degrade your throughput.

I hope it is clear.