What is DPD and CFR; how to improve the PA Efficiency in O-RAN Radio Unit (O-RU); Digi predistortion

In this video, the following are covered:

  1. What is DPD - Digital Pre Distortion
  2. What is CFR - Crest Factor Reduction
  3. Where and why the above are used
  4. What is Power Amplifier ¶ and its characteristics
  5. How to enhance the PA efficiency using DPD along with CFR
  6. What is predistortion
  7. What is the significance of DPD
  8. How PA efficiency contributes for the O-RAN RU
  9. Different documents that are discussing about the DPD and CFR
  10. Functional blocks of Radio Unit (O-RU)
  11. Transmitter and receiver chains of O-RU