What is difference between vRAN and Open RAN?

What is difference between vRAN and Open RAN for LTE?
Regarding DU and CU fundamental, I am a little confused.

Open RAN will start mainly for 5G.
May have to see how 4G gets parallel track.
Fronthaul needs tighter.

Rakuten using it with LTE as well.
vCU, vDU… Altiostar.
RU Nokia.

What is Mavenir using?

Vran 1.0 where cu on cloud, du not.
Vran 2.0 both cu and du on cloud.
So it’s basic difference.

DU is RLC phys high and MAC in LTE na.

Yes option 7.2, but it’s very wide world most of job in virtualization.

How many sites can be connected on eNodeB virtually?

It’s basically how many DU can be controlled by CU in LTE.
Question like that.
Then how many RU can be there per DU.
It varies per vendor… roughly you can say 80 DU per CU.

It’s a good count. :+1:

The Difference Between OpenRAN, O-RAN and vRAN: