What is difference between TS and TR specs in 3GPP?

Hi All,
What is difference between TS and TR specs in 3GPP?
What use for TR?
Like, we have doc for TS in PDF. Do we need to refer TR as well, for day to day work? Is it only for high level?

TR is Technical Requirement.
TS is Technical Specification.

TR comes first.
TS comes on specifications are fixed.
As a protocol tester we refer to TS.

Here you can find a nice conversation with these and other 3GPP terms: 3GPP and ITU Tutorial

I’m trying to understand the same question. What I understand so far is that a Release has multiple documents which can be either TR (Technical Report) and TS (Technical Specifications).
There are two types of TRs:

  1. they can be used by 3GPP partners as their own
  2. they are for 3GPP internal studies
    Specification Numbering

Though so far I don’t understand the exact difference with a TS
I read somewhere that all other 3GPP specifications if they are not a TR they are a TS, but it wasn’t a 3GPP reference.
I’d appreciate it if someone has more information about the use or the difference between a TS and a TR