What is dedicated SIB1 in NR?

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What is dedicated SIB1 in NR?

According to following text, SIB1 is a critical and “dedicated” information block.

I guess RACH parameters are there too…

In 5G New Radio (NR), the System Information Block Type 1 (SIB1) is a critical and dedicated information block that is broadcasted by the base station (gNB) to provide essential system parameters and configuration information to the user equipment (UE) or devices in the network coverage area. SIB1 is part of the overall system information framework in 5G-NR.

The SIB1 in 5G-NR serves several purposes, including:

Initial Access and Synchronization: SIB1 contains critical information required by UEs for initial access and synchronization with the network. It provides the primary synchronization signal (PSS) and secondary synchronization signal (SSS), which enable the UE to acquire the timing and frequency synchronization necessary to communicate with the network.

Cell Identification: SIB1 carries the cell-specific information, including the Cell Global Identifier (CGI) and the Physical Cell Identity (PCI). The CGI uniquely identifies the cell within the network, while the PCI helps UEs to identify and differentiate neighboring cells.

System Information Block (SIB) Framework: SIB1 defines the overall framework and scheduling information for other system information blocks. It provides information about the periodicity, repetition, and scheduling of subsequent SIBs, allowing UEs to know when to expect and decode them.

Master Information Block (MIB): SIB1 also contains the Master Information Block, which includes important parameters such as the system bandwidth, frame structure, and system frame number. The MIB provides fundamental information about the network configuration.

Overall, the dedicated SIB1 plays a vital role in 5G-NR by providing initial access, synchronization, cell identification, and the framework for receiving subsequent system information blocks. It enables UEs to establish and maintain communication with the 5G network efficiently.

Any parameter to configure and enable it?

Which RAN? Ericsson Nokia Huawei?

In ENDC usually is not broadcasted but ANR 5G doesn’t work without it.

I think it’s different from sib1 …part of RRC reconfiguration.

In NSA SIB1 is not broadcasted, only MIB.

But there is the option to activate SIB1 so UE can read and report CGI NR for ANR.

My query is for “dedicated sib1” related to NR SA.

It’s new feature, I believe.

Yes, maybe…

Other experts can comment.