What is CQI (Channel Quality Indicator)?

  • CQI stands for Channel Quality Indicator, and it is an important concept in #LTE (Long Term Evolution) communication system.

    • CQI is a feedback mechanism used by the user equipment (UE) to inform the serving base station (eNodeB) about the quality of the downlink channel.
  • In LTE, the downlink channel quality varies due to various factors such as distance between the UE and eNodeB, fading, interference, and noise.

    • The eNodeB uses the CQI feedback from the UE to optimize the downlink transmission by adapting the modulation and coding schemes (MCS) and other transmission parameters.
  • The CQI feedback is a value ranging from 1 to 15, where a higher value indicates a better channel quality.

    • The UE sends the CQI feedback to the eNodeB periodically or when there is a significant change in the channel quality. The eNodeB uses this feedback to determine the best MCS and other transmission parameters that can be used to send data to the UE with the highest possible data rate while maintaining an acceptable level of reliability.
  • In addition to improving the overall system performance, CQI feedback is also used for other functions in LTE, such as scheduling, power control, and handover.

    • By using CQI feedback, the system can provide a more efficient and reliable communication service to the users.

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cool, but how we can improve CQI? i mean for examlpe we have good coverage but CQI is like 4 or 5.
what has the greatest impact on the reduction CQI?