What Is C-Band, and What Does It Mean for the Future of 5G?

What Is C-Band, and What Does It Mean for the Future of 5G?

For 5G to offer an experience that’s noticeably better than 4G, it needs broad, dedicated channels, ideally 50MHz or wider. That’s where C-band comes in -he frequency that might save 5G in the US.

Brazil and Chile already licensed the C-Band.

Brazil has auctioned, but carriers are still working with government in Order to clean 3.5GHz spectrum.

Sorry for PT-BR link: https://www.telesintese.com.br/gaispi-instalado-o-grupo-que-vai-acompanhar-a-limpeza-da-faixa-de-35-ghz/

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What is C-Band 5G?


  • What do C-Band and sub-6Ghz mean?
  • What about the difference between C-Band and millimeter-wave?
  • What makes C-Band a necessity in today’s 5G wireless networks?
  • C-Band and Wi-Fi 6E will shape how we use our wireless devices
  • C-Band also plays a key role in our 5G home wireless networks
  • Which U.S. wireless carriers and devices will support C-Band?
  • C-Band can elevate our 5G smartphones and home internet connections