What is beamforming?

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After completing today session, you will able to know exactly answer of below questions:

  • What is beamforming in 5G?
  • What is factors that effect beamforming performance?
  • What is 3D or FD beamfomring?
  • What are types of beamforming?
  • What is transmision mode ™ in beamforming?

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How a User Equipment decodes the received beam from beamforming? Can UE generate beams to send data from UE to Base Station?

UE knows which precoding was used for construction of that beam. Then data is retrieved from DM-RS demodulation.
Yes, to generate narrow beams you need more antennas though. So real “beams” are particularly visible in case of UE communicating on FR2 (mmWave bands).