What is 5G Ultra Wideband?

Hello Experts,

Recently in Verizon ad, they mentioned ultra wideband.

What is ultra wideband? Is it FR1 or FR2?

I have no idea! :rofl:
I think it’s FR2, but what it really matters is that it’s more than 25x faster than 4G. :muscle:

Yes, only in trial results with single user. :grinning:

Ultra-wideband (download speeds up to 4 GBs)

UWB is a radio technology that uses low energy levels for short-range, high-bandwidth communications >500 MHz.

While not directly connected to 5G, UWB is an important enabling technology for greater data throughput and better location precision for high-speed wireless network applications.
In our increasingly connected world, UWB is an exciting connectivity component that will provide opportunities for better and faster wireless communication.

iPhone 12 lineup is the first Apple smartphone generation that receives 5G support! More, Apple’s 2020 flagships can connect to both type of 5G cellular data speeds. The standard low-band 5G and the super fast 5G Ultra Wideband connection, offered by Verizon.