What high RLC, low RLC, high MAC, low MAC indicates in Open RAN?

Hi for Open RAN Experts:
What high RLC, low RLC, high MAC, low MAC indicates?
As per understanding RLC, MAC high phy part of DU.
Only low phy part of RU.

Low phy means from precoding all phy functionality will be part of RU
In case of Physical High till precoding will be done by DU.

Yes, but what about high low rlc, mac?

For high low rlc mac is dealing with SDU and PDU for each layer.
SDU=Service Data Unit (packets coming from higher layers) and PDU=Packet Data Unit (packets delivered to lower layers).

Basically mac used for mapping logical to transport channel.

Mac sdu = rlc pdu
Mac pdu = mac sdu + mac header
Mac pdu = transport block
Now this high mac and low mac seen first time in Open RAN.

In LTE, 5G never seen 2 part for mac.
First time in Open RAN only, maybe some different functionality there.

Open RAN split options (It’s also about real time non realtime).

Very clear now, thanks! :+1: