What happens to emergency call dialed over NR SA network (if emergency services fallback not supported)?

Hi Experts.

For NR SA, if emergency services fallback not supported indicated in registration accept, then what happened to emergency call dial over NR SA network?

Will it drop?

Definitely it will drop :+1:

UE release 5G and freshly registered with 4G.

And access the resources.


So: it’s mandatory for the network to support emergency services fallback as supported.

It will issue an RRC_Release with eutra as the desired cell to release the UE as mentioned by @PULI_RAJU.

In case emergency it is mandatory to support emergency either via 5G NR or EPS fallback.

Yes for case of EPSFB via redirection it will send RRC release.

But I can see in registration accept network indicate IE for emergency call fallback not supported…

Is it possible to share the message?

Either it should be supported by NR or fallback to any other access network.

Hi. is this possible?

My view is:
When you call an emergency number from your phone no matter what your network is, it connects you with the nearest triage operator for 112 and it goes on signalling channel.