What hapen in NSA with data bearer after SCG RLF?

Hi Experts.
What hapen in NSA with data bearer after SCG RLF?

It goes to LTE connected mode.
And try to do sgnb addition again.

Once RLF occurs on SCG, SCG failure message is sent to eNB.
eNB now, needs to reconfigure the bearer as per the need.
If earlier bearer was SN terminated split bearer, the new bearer could be MN terminated MCG bearer - something like that.

Ok, thanks.
And does it do bearer modification after scg failure?

There is an internal indication to P-GW asking to reroute the traffic to MN node instead of SN node.
Other than that, I don’t think any other modification is needed.

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No bearer addition.

I think in this case SN terminated MCG bearer will be used.
Because SN to MN rerouting required path switch, isn’t it?

Right, it depends the network actually.
They can do both things.
If PDCP is retained in SN, then path switch is not needed.

Option 3x was introduced for this purpose only, to avoid frequent path switches.

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Yup… this makes more sense.