What does "BL-RSL" mean in Nokia GSM TRX?


We have got some TRX down in some sectors due to “BL-RSL” TRX (Very few in number) in Flexi MR 10 equipment. Alarm doesn’t give any specific hint, just “BCCH missing” and D-channel failure. Customer documentation only says it’s “Blocked by RSL”.The TRX are mostly up just after a reset.

Any idea about what does this “RSL” mean? and Why are we getting these TRX down due to “BL-RSL”?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Elon20
This apply for Packet Abis
For BL-RSL with the description you gave means Trx has no Resource Mainly this is affected by TRX Association state

  1. Obtain trx D-Channel using ZERO:BTS=NO,TRX=NO,;
    2.Check Association name using DWQ:NAME=D-NAME:;
  2. Interrogate Trx association state by ZOYV:IUA:NAME=ASSOCIATION NAME:;
    Mostly you will find it Blocked
  3. Reset association by changing its state by ZOYS:IUA:ASSOCIATION NAME:ACT:;
  4. Reset the site

This only works if there is no HW alarms!! Hope this will be Helpful!!