What could be the reasons for 2G CSSR Degradation?

Dear Experts.

In 2G → CSSR Degraded on some cells on same area.

After analysis SD Traffic visible increased.

But no SD / TCH Blocking on the cells.

SD mean holding time increased.

No Interference, no Clash, Audit already done, Locations update normal in trend.

What could be the other reasons?

Try for SDCCH deletion & addition.

If it is Huawei equipment, check these counters:

  • Failed Assignment due to No Abis Resource Available
  • Terrestial Resource Request Failed

Correlate the time of the defradation in CSSR to the time each or any of these two counters spiked, then escalated to TX Team for resolution.

You can also check VSWR Alarm. By carrying out test.