What condition is needed to activate dual SRS?

Hi Experts.
UE report SRS it’s understood.
SRS position is last OFDM symbol of special subframe it’s known.
Now question is: what condition is needed to activate dual SRS?
Any special IE in UE capability info?

No parameters are needed. If the UE is having 2 TX antennas, it will send SRS using both the antennas.
But sometimes UE report wrong information in UE capability info IE that it supports 2 SRS transmission.
It is mitigation by fakeantennaSelection switch in Huawei.

To my knowledge SRS are transmitted on the UE RX antenna.
So 4 RX antenna 4 srs signals transmitted.
Like this:

More details here:


srs are used by gNodeB to calculate the air interface matrix
At least this is how Huawei does it.
srs are very important.

It is new feature of Huawei?
How good is throughput improvement after active this switch?

In LTE TM8, it only uses 2 TX antennas for transmitting SRS.
For 5G, yes.

Sorry, but what about Uu interface capacity?
Have you got any impact due to the additionals CRS reports using RX antennas coming from the UEs?