What can be reason for UL interfrence other then a Jammer?

what can be reason for Ul interfrence other then Jammer

1- Other operators may use same frequency
2- possible if you have PCI conflict and collision
3- lots of UE camped on the same cell
4- faulty repeaters or third party repeater nearby the site

kindly tell me what the difference is between pci collision and pci conflict.

PCI conflict means : you are serving from cell and the neighbor cell have the same PCI of your serving one . …PCI confusion means : you are serving from cell and have 2 neighbors have the same PCI for example you are serving from cell X and 2 neighbors (Y &Z ) have the same PCI

Also you have to check PCI mod6 interference

If we have check pci mod 3, is it necessary to check pci mod 6? And why?

Thanks for share meaning, may i ask again : is there any other ways for improve snir? Is it volume also impact to bad snir?

Or may be there are parameter for improve snir? Kindly asking advice

I think yes, because mod6 related to MIMO 2*2

Mod6 related to SISO which mean 1T1R, for MIMO22 & MIMO44 we check Mod3

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