What are the reasons for disable TermPointToENB between LTE - LTE?

Hello Experts.

What are the reasons for disable TermPointToENB between LTE - LTE?

Ericsson System

  1. MO can be locked
  2. Connection with MME is disabled (routing issue, configuration pb…)
  3. IP conflict
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MOs are unlocked.

MME are UP.

IP ping is fine.

We have 6 nodes in same location.

  • 2 nodes are able to communicate with all nodes and vice versa (TermPointToENB is UP/Enabled)
  • 4 nodes are not communicating with each other (TermPointToENB is DISABLED)

Anything else can be checked?

Compare the configuration of all 6 MOs and check of any discrepancy exist (IP ,subnet mask).

And is the default GW correctly set and next hop IP add and subnet mask?

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IPs and subnet are correct as per design.

Default gateway verified in router side and next hop is matching in node.

Subnet verified as per design and same subnet being used.

Reset the sites where the problem exists, otherwise delete and recreate the MOs again.

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Term points issue was resolved after changing PCIs of cophased sectors.

In Ericsson happened some odd thing that are sudden creation of NBR relationship to non existent external eutrancells (ghost neighbors).

These relations are replicated by anr and the only way to get rid of them is delete not only the relation but also the term point.

What do you mean by co-phased sectors?

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What are Co phased sectors? Can anyone please share it in detail.