What are the meaning and main functionality of 5G SSB?

  1. SSB is a synchronization signal block used during Cell Search and Mobility.
  2. It consists of PSS, SSS, and PBCH.
  3. It Occupies 20RBs and 4Symbols.

Below are the main steps followed by the UE to detect SSB and to complete DL & UL Synchronization during cell search.

  • UE will scan the band to find the SSB frequency location once the UE Power is turned on.

  • UE blindly scans the band until detecting SSB Frequency location; UE starts frequency scanning from the bottom of the band.

  • After the UE Detected SSB Location, it will start decoding PSS “Primary synchronization signal, then SSS"Secondary synchronization signals in sequence to acquire and obtain the PCI “Primary Cell ID.”

  • Then the UE will decode PBCH “Physical broadcast channel “ to obtain and retrieve MIB “Master information block “ and SIB1 “ System information block type 1” information which is needed to complete the initial access

  • Lastly, after the Downlink Synchronization has been completed, the UE will start PRACH “Physical random access channel procedure” to complete the uplink Synchronization.

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