What are the main parameters of a DVB-SH network?

I want to know which are the specification in Tx and RX to develop a DVB-SH network can allow TV and internet acces.


Hello @jean0828

DVB-SH, Digital Video Broadcast - Satellite services to Handheld devices is a standard or specification that is likely to be widely used for Mobile TV services. The DVB-SH standard has been developed to deliver video, audio and data services to small handheld devices including mobile phones and PDAs and using frequencies typically within S band but in any case below 3 GHz from either satellite or terrestrial networks. DVB-SH has also been designed to complement DVB-H which is focussed on delivering mobile video from terrestrial networks at frequencies within the UHF TV bands.

One of the key features of DVB-SH is that it is aimed for use for both satellite and terrestrial delivery. This is a significant advantage because it allows satellite delivery to achieve coverage of large areas of a country and then terrestrial coverage can be used for gap fillers for example in built up areas in cities where tall buildings may shield the satellite signal.

In view of its specifications, DVB-SH is will be used alongside other forms of cellular technology as it is estimated that most applications will be in small mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, etc.

Here you can find more details: http://www.radio-electronics.com/info/broadcast/digital-video-broadcasting/what-is-dvb-sh-tutorial.php

Of course, technical and frequency planning considerations will drive the choices.

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