What are the Key Takeaways for 2020 in Telecom?

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What are the Key Take Aways for 2020 in Telecom?


  1. Deployment of virtualised 5G core is already underway
  2. 5G deployment on C band has broad appeal
  3. The industry strong enthusiasm adopting Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)
  4. While going Cloud native, network functions are most likely to remain on private cloud


  1. Video-based applications will continue to drive demand for broadband
  2. Legacy copper footprint is seen as the leading constraint to the deployment of next-gen fixed access architecture
  3. Reducing TCO of fibre access deserves the most attention

Intelligence at the EDGE

  1. Edge computing should take place at telecom operator network edge
  2. Concern for financial cost is the biggest barrier to stop wide-scale enterprise adoption of edge computing
  3. 8 out of 10 likely to rearchitect their business processes to leverage edge intelligence
  4. Strong interest in digital twins


  1. DNS services enduring most attacks over the last 12 months
  2. Cloud applications & infrastructure “most difficult to defend”
  3. Cloud migration: 27% using security services offered by public cloud provider
  4. Network layer security is a top priority
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Will remote work affect all these predictions?

Good move! :+1:

People think remote work is good, but you will relalize that you will loose personal life.
Work is important, but so does you and your family, which is lost in this world.

Better then to lost in Delhi traffic. :grin:

Yes, exactly!