What are the key KPI which will reflect after ROHC feature implementation?

Hello Experts,
What are the key KPI which will reflect after ROHC fetaure implementation?
Huawei System.

Your capacity VoIP PRB will reduce and voice quality will improve after ROHC implementation.
Also packet loss kpi will improve.
This will also improve DL throughput KPI.

Thank You.
Can you please guide any counter for Huawei to check the packet loss, voice quality?

If 4G, you have IPPM counters forward drops.
For voice quality, you have VQI 5 counters: excellent, good,…

For vqm cell algoswitch enable vqm and e2evqm to get vqi KPIs and it’s good too to monitor quality.
Packet loss KPI in QCI1.

I think for IPPM you should have Huawei E2E equipment, right?

It means Huawei having separate counter for QCI1,QCI9 PRB usage.
As per feature it compresses IP header size.
But mute call, audio gap issue still there post feature implementation as well.

Mute call you have default UL compressing scheduling feature that will manage talkspurts and mute call.

In my previous experience, we had huawei RAN with Ericsson CORE and IPPM was counting if we have any TX issue.

Here IPPM counter is having a license issue at UGW.