What are the guidelines for LTE Frequency and Bandwidth Allocation in commercial networks?

Hello Experts.

Considering different bandwidth (5MHz, 10MHZ, 15MHz and 20MHz), how is mobile operators affected?

Same for frequency (700 MHz, 1800MHz, 2600MHz etc…), what can be done to improve efficiency?


Hello @Carlos_Alberto

There are a lot of considerations to be aware in your question.

But if I correctly understand you, you want comparison of different bandwidth and frequencies usage (not necessarily only for LTE).

When doing this kind of comparisson, the most important practical rules are:

For Bandwidth, evey time you double bandwidth (BW), you have a 3dB Loss in coverage - for example, from 5MHz to 10MHz.
For Frequency, the lower the Frequency the bigger the Coverage - for example in 700MHz the coverage area of a cell is much bigger than 2600MHz.

Whit more BW we can have more users (or improve experience - throughput - for current same users); but we need to remember that in order to have more BW we need to buy more licences, and that is not cheap. :frowning: