What are the differences between Execution and Preparation in LTE HO

Hi Experts,
In LTE HO, what are the differences between Execution and Preparation counter?
LTE HO = Success/Execution OR LTE = Success/Preparation.
What is more accurate and better reflect actual user experience?

Exe = Exe Succ / Prep Succ (Exe Att) and Prep = Prep Succ/Prep Att
Both reflect two different phases of Handover.
Both are important.
In Huawei LTE, there is no specific counter for Execution att because Preparation success is a Execution attempt.

Actually I believe there are:

  • Prep: L.HHO.IntraeNB.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut
  • Exec: L.HHO.IntraeNB.IntraFreq.ExecAttOut

This is for Intra-Frequency Intra-eNB HOs, There are equivalents Intra-eNB.
My current issue is that “Succ/Exec” is having good values while “Succ/Prep” is degrading.

[ (L.HHO.IntraeNB.IntraFreq.ExecSuccOut+L.HHO.IntereNB.IntraFreq.ExecSuccOut)/(L.HHO.IntraeNB.IntraFreq.ExecAttOut+L.HHO.IntereNB.IntraFreq.ExecAttOut)]*[(L.HHO.IntraeNB.IntraFreq.ExecAttOut + L.HHO.IntereNB.IntraFreq.ExecAttOut)/(L.HHO.IntraeNB.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut+L.HHO.IntereNB.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut)]

You need to check definitions.
If prep is degraded.

Some of Preparations failures are due L.HHO.Prep.FailIn.AdmitFail. I traced it down to E-RAB congestions in target cells.

I had some ANR misconfigurations and I fixed it. Succ/Exec improved, but not Succ/Prep.

Check VSWR on target and PCI conflict also check TAC and cell id.
If you have antenna issue on target all incoming preparation can be failed.

I didn’t understand multiplication in here.
The formulas I’m comparing are as follow:



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Why you are mixing intra freq and inter freq formulas?
Any SLA like this?

Its a Prep + Exe SR for Intra Freq only.
Have you checked intra freq prep degraded or inter freq prep degraded?

I’ll show you trend of one site which had ANR disabled (via CELLALGOSWITCH).

Yes I did, it’s mostly Intra.

Any recent TAC or PCI changed?
Have you check target cell?
Any known issue?



Only E-RAB congestion due licence issues.
RRC user licence.

Ok, that means issue is appearing only with that neighbour which is having license issue?
Is it possible to increase that license?
Or off-load user?
If MLB is currently running, its User based or PRB based?

Ongoing through Sales.


Let me check on this.

You can turn ON connected mode MLB user based.

If that is the issue, you have already analyzed that. :slight_smile:
Increase the license it will help you or run MLB user based.

It requires licence, which unfortunately is unavailable :frowning:

How many carriers you have?

Could be yeas, but I will further analyse some neighbor couples. But I’m not getting why preparations are only affected.

Two, 1800 MHz (20M+10M).

One more that also please check if cell belongs to 1st tier or above 1st tier.

Noted. Thanks for the response!

Handover preparation is the procedure between source & target enb: from step A to B. target enb prepare radio resource for incoming UE, if admission failed it will reject.
Handover execution is the procedure between source enb and UE: from B to C. After resource admission at target enb is successful, source enb send UE information about new cell for UE jumping to.


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