What are the benefit of DSS apart from 5G icon on the UE screen?

Below is a comparison of LTE and NR max throughput that can be achieved.

Theoretical peak of NR FDD performance (SA)

Having this table in mind I can’t understand the benefit of DSS apart from 5G icon on the screen!

The advantage of 5G versus 4G comes from beamforming gain, MU-MIMO spatial multiplexing basically from AAU features. But for classic antenna with 4x4 DL mimo I really can’t see a benefit of DSS apart from 5G icon on the screen.

Looking at the above table I fail to recognize how DSS will improve cell capacity once activated.

But indeed for the sake of 5G icon on the screen DSS is good.

Very true.
Lower band is not for capacity as only 15% gain in throughput.

Many network did trial in n1 and n3 but not much gain in throughput.

MNOs will take decision for NR Coverage and specially for SA implementation so lower band can be used as CA like n1+ n78.

SUL is alternate option but UE eco system is challenging.

DSS is making sense for 2600 and 3500 band with high bandwidth.

We need to wait for NR FDD massive MIMO outcomes if it will give us 100 % gain on lower bands compare to LTE.

Basically, with NSA the benefits of 5G might not be significant with DSS apart from the seamless 5G icon when moving from mmwave to sub 1 or sub6 bands especially in rural areas, but once DSS is used with SA, then the URLLC and other Network slicing requirements will be more fulfilled by 5G than the 4G, eMBB throughput will not be the decider there.
It will be more relevant to the different use cases like say Sensors in a rice field.

Yes, URLLC and eMBB with SA could prove indeed a gain.
But do you know any network that uses DSS with 5G SA?
I think all of them are using DSS with 5G NSA.

TMO launched SA in US in 600 MHz and they have DSS is in 600 MHz.
But not sure if SA is configured with DSS.

Indeed, benefits come from using 5G features on top of DSS. With same services as 4G, the results will be same also.

On my understanding, the key technical benefit (besides marketing, icon, familiarization with new technology, etc…) is the UL extension when you aggregate two 5GNR banda via CA, example, DSS on 700MHz with 3.5GHz.

When DSS becomes the PSCELL, it is responsible for all UL control and data (assuming no UL CA), thus, the UL coverage is proportional to 700MHz not 3.5GHz, which is much better.

A scenario without DSS, the UL will be carried on 3.5GHz, which is not optimal, impacting the DL and becoming a strong performance limiting factor.

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