What are submarine system components?

  • Submarine system used to transport ultra high capacity of traffic between countries.

  • Use special kind of fiber cables under sea to link countries around the world.

  • Transport wide range of traffic , internet data , voice…

  • Tubmarine system consists of:

  1. SLTE
  • Called submarine line terminal equipment.
  • Provide client interfaces support STM , sonet , OTN , Ethernet.
  • Provide line interfaces with high capacity 400 G and more.
  • Provide supervisory channel and control.
  1. PFE
  • Called power feeding equipment.
  • Used to supply power to devices under sea like repeater and Branching unit.
  • Provide power conversation , over voltage protection , power mangment and monitoring.
  1. BU
  • Called branching unit.
  • Used to provide multiple cable connection.
  • It can passively drop signals or add / drop multiplexing.
  1. Repeater
  • Used to extend the distance of the link in transoceanic applications.
  • Can amplifier multiple fiber pairs based on 1550 nm EDFA DWDM frequency.
  • Up to 8 amplifier pairs cab be used in one repeater set.
  • It use 980 nm pump.
  1. Submarine cable/ land cable
  • Land cable provides the fiber line and power Transmission between beach manhole and terminal station.
  1. ROADM
  • Flexibily add drop and passthrough traffic.

7- NMS

  • It’s the network mangment system that used for login , monitoring , alarms troubleshooting the submarine system.

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