What are Physical, Common and Virtual Resource Block in 5G? (PRB, CRB, VRB)

PRB are Resource block belonging to a Bandwidth part, numbered from 0 starting from lower end of the BWP.
Each BWP has its own set of PRB.

CRB are set of Resource Block which occupy the channel bandwidth, CRB are numbered starting from 0, where CRB-0 is located at the lower edge channel BW.
UE are allocated VRB or Virtual Resource Block, for resource allocations which are then mapped to PRB.

In Uplink Direction, non-Interleaved mapping is always used between PRB and VRB on PUSCH, which means VRB are same as PRB.

In DL direction, non-Interleaved mapping is always used for Resource allocation Type – 0 and It could be non-Interleaved or Interleaved if Resource allocation mapping Type-1 is

Source: Vikas Kumar Nain on LinkedIn: #5g #5gnr #PRB