What are main parameters which can be optimized for High Capacity / High traffic event for LTE FDD?

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What are main parameters which can be optimized for High Capacity / High traffic event for LTE FDD?

Nokia RAN.

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Try to fine tune PUCCH parameters like ncqirb, number of RRC connected users, number of users scheduled per TTI.

PUCCH dimensioning is very important.

Just checked Max value of ncqirb.

Depending upon ulChBW and if ulCHBW is set 20Mhz then ncqirb is not limited, meaning not restricted.

Then you can try load balancing feature as well to offload carrier.

Have only one layer FDD 20M 4*4 .
Has any one implemented "Software antenna port remapping feature - LTE 3639 ?
Would like to know if it provides gain for High Cap and Low cap sites .

Activate these features:

LTE1047, LTE2023, LTE1536 ifba4actlim: 50, actidlelb=true, targetloadgbrdl=%60,targetloadnongbrdl=60%, targetloadpdcch=60%, iflbhighoadgbrdl=85, iflbhighloadnongbrdl=85, iflbhighloadpdcch=85%

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Idle and connected mode load balancing is already active in the network and working fine.

LTE1047 / LTE2023 about control and user plane overload handling, not about mobility.

Control and useplane overloading is not happening in the network .

This is observed by looking at different related overloading KPIs also RRC &ERAB kpis seems absolutely fine too .


The strategy to mitigate Congestion in a cell depends upon the scenario.

  1. Start with checking the cell what kind of capacity limitations ur are facing? Is it hard blocking or soft blocking. Is it in CP or UP.
  2. Patterns of high utilization, bbh or non bh.
  3. Is it a sudden spike due to some event or near site outage.
  4. Based upon above inputs you will be in better position to decide further course of action.
  5. If the system is hard limited means like above said parameters, indicate that site reached at highest limit hence we need to check nearby sites for idle or connected mode load balancing features, only if nbr or other band is less utilized.
  6. Layer strategy can also be recheck if any ambiguity.
  7. In case of hard blocking with high utilized nbr, we can share a plot and day wise as well bbh kpi tot custom in order to push capacity enhancements like other band or sector or site deployment.

For Nokia there are list of parameters starting from MLB to CU plan parameters which can help in high prb utilized cells.

Thanks @chitrangankumar, noted all your points .

  1. Most of the serving and Nbr cells has high prb utilisation (>95%) with significantly high number of users (> 400) mostly 5-6 BH of the day.
  2. No blocking on CP or UP has been observed by looking at RRC and ERAB stp sr rate as well as ERAB drop rate.
  3. Idle and connected mode setting checked ,aligned and working fine.
  4. Idle and connected mode MLB also aligned and working fine.

Problem statement:

  • Enhance/ improve DL/UL user thp for cluster of FDD 20M cells/site without adding capacity

Hi Ankit ,
I got only one carrier of FDD and i gues intra frequency load balancing in Nokia is not usually implemented for its own reason right .
We don’t want even try inter-RST in this case .

No scope on further fine tune with pucch after arrival of actAuotpucchalloc switch and did try to fine tune parameters like users per tti (maxNumUEDL/UL) but seems none is assisting .

Anyone who has experienced this LTE3639, heard feature doc promises improved SINR,CQI and MIMo performance?

This video is very helpful for VoLTE event based parameters Optimization → 4G Ericsson Accessibility KPI Optimization - YouTube