What are main KPI and Parameters to check for CS Voice Quality in 3G Networks?

Tg Zeggari Nabil (Nigeria):
Hello everyone,
Currently I am working with Huawei network and we are facing a problem with voice quality (polqa algorithms).
We have a bad results in only 3g cs, with good radio conditions and all parameters were ok.
Is there anyone here that can help us to identify the cause of this issue to identify the KPI and Parameters which influence Voice Quality in 3g network?

Tg Asiqur (Bangladesh):
Is the IuB ok?

Tg Zeggari Nabil (Nigeria):
Yes it’s ok and all parameters of NodeB and RNC were ok.
We facing this issue just in some area we don’t know why.

Tg Zeggari Nabil (Nigeria):
There is any futhers or upgrade need it

Tg Raj (India):
May be having problem with RF cables alignment or hardware issue…

Tg Zeggari Nabil (Nigeria):
All hardware were ok

Tg Raj (India):
How much power consuming your NodeB?

Tg Asiqur (Bangladesh):
“Garbled Noise Detection and Correction of AMR Voice” feature helped us a lot in our network
Is that On in your?

Tg Raj (India):
Sir, did you saying about UL quality or DL quality…
Need to check filter condition…

Tg Zeggari Nabil (Nigeria):
"Garbled Noise Detection and Correction of AMR Voice"
I don’t think so I will check with it
We test just DL quality for now
With polqa NB algorithms

Tg Jalloul Bouchkara, (Tunisia):
We have the same issue of cs voice quality (MOS) in nokia since long time. We have checked everything.
Does anyone can help for better MOS?

Tg Achu Vidhu (Malaysia):
Hi pls check rtwp in all layers…
If you have w900 layer then it is proned to external interference.
Check mr event 1 ecio counter in u2k or prs.
It should have degraded for those cells

Tg Luiz Cardoso (Brasil):
In Ericsson we have a parameter (RNC) blerQualityTarget (UL/DL).
Have you already verified these parameters?

@Falo (South Africa):
Hi i would suggest checking transmission, as well as getting all feeders and fly leads PIM tested

I suggest to check MOS in CS-Core.