What are MAC scheduling algorithms and how it works?

Dear Experts,

What are MAC scheduling algorithms and how it works?
Please do share your insights.

Round robin, proportional fair and enhanced proportional fair.

Also there is enhanced EPF.
This will adding wait for historical UEs transmission.
It’s good in mid and high utilized network.
But not recommended for new networks.

The advantage of EPF it is the possibility of having the smart preallocation.
But, specially in UL there are a lot of parameters that need to be optimized to reach a good performance for throughput, latency and resources utilization.

There are new ideas today to do multiplexing between those algo.

Enhanced EPF not really improved all users only user with high demand and in NSA network it will create another issues further.
I do believe Huawei had been decided to remove it from next update releases.

I trued and it also enhance the latency.

Could you clarify which problem it may cause ?

What I am understanding it give historical data tx more weight, and scheduler are distribute the resources with more efficient instead of giving many of them for demand user and keep another till the 1st is finish.

I believe the problem may happen in network that low utilize, but with high utilization it decrease the latency and enhance the throughput in my case was between 200 to 300 kbps.

It will impact NSA-NR leg performances.
But if network doesn’t have NSA its actually good along with enhance switch developed in RAN15.

Basically both of scenarios if we are talking about low/mid/high all of them will improve but most significant in mid/high traffic scenarios (please note that if you put a trace on that part you will realized that increasing came from single user where it having high demand during the session where is will impact to other users).
This the same idea actually have been introduced Huawei in UMTS RAN20 (if I’m not mistake) as well for the scheduling improvement.

Exactly. I already tried in the network that doesn’t have NSA.
Do you remember which switch that enhanced in eRAN 15.1?

I forgot to tell you one more, basically in the first Enhanced EPF introduced it will work on non-inter BBU CA case only then next release will able to have same thing if you have inter-BBU CA scenario in your network.
So if you dont have inter-BBU CA then the benefits will nothing.
If I’m not mistake it named enhancedEPFoptimswitch.
You can easily find in RAN 15.1 or 16.

So it will not work as the CA in this case was intra eNB. Thanks @Yusuf154 :+1: