What are COWs in Telecommunications?

Hello Experts,

Reading the following article, i got a doubt.
What are COW concept (is it still used?), and for this specific case, how do they work (speaking about the “weird” antennas)?

Thank You.

COW is a acronym and stand for “Cell On Wheels.”

COW is a mobile cell site includes a tower and transceiver, as well as all other necessary equipment, usually built on a trailer or truck.

Goal is to provides temporary network and wireless coverage to locations where cellular coverage is minimal, compromised or missing. Also to provide extra capacity in case of network congestion.

It’s usually used in areas affected by natural disaster or areas with large user volume, such as major events. Also used in some areas due to lockdown - that “moved” traffic temporarily to other areas with internet and video services consumption.


It is Drum Set antenna: