Welcome to telecomHall Forum

On behalf of the telecomHall Team and Community, I welcome you to our new community platform.

You’re invited to join us exploring this new territory aiming to have great online conversations, rather than static pages.

The philosophy behind this new forum platform is about creating simple and well mannered discussions about whatever topics our fellows want.

You’re in the right place to go to chat with passionate fans of Technology, Telecommunications, IT and whatever related.

I know some of you guys know my work at telecomHall blog (.com).
It is a work in progress, a task that I have maintained alone during almost 20 years.

As a result of the efforts, the blog is now visited by more than 3.000 users (like you) per day.

Unfortunately it was very difficult to keep it updated (with new articles, new tools developed and shared, etc.…).

So, recently we (all people that has donated in the past) decide to move to a different way, a different model. Now we’ll not charge anymore, not even a donation is needed.

And we also needed a place more dynamic, a platform that be easy to use, and allow people to share everything (questions, news, jobs, and of course – tools to improve the efficiency of our daily work).

I am happy to announce that is currently available - and you seeing it! :slight_smile:

The only thing you need to do is participate! Join now, we’re waiting for you there!
(And feel free to contact me anytime – my contact details are in the end of this body)