Webinar: How to Build and Test 5G Networks by Skill-Lync

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How to Build and Test 5G Networks? - FREE Certified Telecom Webinar powered by Skill-Lync.

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This session is delivered in association with ABotEdu from Rebaca Technologies and you will observe some real-world testing Scenarios of 5G Networks.

This session will be an overview-level and hands-on session and we may not get into a lot of technical details.

So if you think you are already good at 5G, It may not be very relevant.

However, if you are a Field Engineer, NOC Engineer, Optical Fiber Engineer, AM/FM Engineer, OSP or FTTx Engineer, or freshers or entry-level Telecom (ECE/CS/IT) engineer → this may be a great starting point for your 5G & Telecom learnings!

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  • 06 Feb 23 7 PM IST


  1. 3GPP Evolutuion
  2. Building 5G Radio Networks
  3. Building 5G Core Networks
  4. How to test your 5G Networks?

Learning Outcomes

  • Buildign 5G networks
  • Testing 5G networks
  • Job opportinties in 5G testing

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjaykumar-5g/