WDM Trails

  • WDM trail is the route or logical path where we Transport the traffic

  • Trail can be created by NMS

  • We have 2 main categories of Trails :

  • Electrical & Optical Trails

  • Electrical trails has 3 types :

    • Client
    • ODU
    • OTU
  • Optical Trails has 4 types :

    • OCH
    • OMS
    • OTS
    • OSC
  • Each trail has its limits , for example Client trail is between client side ports of the OTU in source and sink sites

  • OTU is the transponder which used for OTN framing and colorless/ colored mapping

  • Client trail also created with Tributary and line boards

  • ODU Trail is created using the Internal logical Port of transponder or tributary/ Line

  • OCH is optical trail created between optical modules of the transponders in both source and sink sites

  • OSC trail is optional and it’s for DCN mangment to carry the supervisory signal between OSC boards in both ends

  • OMS is between MUXs and Demuxs

  • OTS is the physical fiber between sites which Carry multiplexed signals

  • To create the trail on NMS you have to configure the source and sink shelf , board , port , wavelength , Trail capacity

  • I explained with screenshot how to create the trail in previous posts you can check

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